Would Trump Supporters Elect Him Again Now?

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Those are some of the messages Donald Trump voters had for the president as the 100-day milemarker of his presidency approached, in a politically centrist county where the Guardian has been tracking Trump support since before the inauguration.

Backing for the president in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, a former industrial juggernaut which voted for Barack Obama twice before falling for Trump in 2016, appeared to be healthy, three months in. Both Democrats and Republicans who voted for Trump gave him positive marks – a B-plus or A-minus – although many supporters said the clock is ticking for the president to deliver on tax reform and other promises.

“The people who were for Trump and who supported him and voted for him are still 100% behind him,” said John Morganelli, the Democratic county district attorney who has been re-elected six times (and who declined to say whom he voted for last November). “So I think if the election was held again today, in Northampton County there’s a good chance that Trump would carry this county again. And it might be slightly closer, but I think that he would probably do well.”

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For some Trump voters in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, their new president has already done more than Obama – but others have had enough

by in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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