After the presidential election in 2016, millions and millions of us have joined together to take action to preserve our democracy and a free press. It is crystal clear that we,Trump supporters and non-Trump supporters alike, must become neighbors again and find a way to agree on common facts. Rooster Today is an attempt to establish those facts and give us a way to break down the barriers that divide us.


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I have been inspired by our Oregon legislators, Wyden and Merkley, Blumenauer and others. I could not be prouder of them. I am even more inspired by the millions and millions of us who are taking action. And finally, thank you to my local library. I have never met such nice people, never been in a nicer community space. They have provided a place for me to work among my beloved books, sitting next to a math tutor for many an afternoon. How fortunate we all are to have libraries.

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