Trump Words and Actions Threaten Democracy


Much has been written about the Trump administration and will not be repeated here. Instead Rooster Today is focused on tracking the progress of what has been proposed, threatened, and accomplished. Threats, hyperbole, lies, bullying and outrageous insults are all a big part of Trump’s behavior set and for that reason only, they are important to track. In order to keep the country off balance — threats are hurled, withdrawn, re-introduced with the intent of keeping all of us in a daily, constant state of chaos and confusion.

Bullying is a big problem for children these days and now is a problem for the country.  Trump insults and calls names daily. Hate crimes, white supremists domestic terrorism, racist and anti-Semitic incidents are all on the rise. In response, there is significant information about how to address bullying, advice that is good to implement now. The first step is to clearly label the behavior for what it is — bullying, hateful, racist, anti-Semetic. The next step is keeping calm and not over react to Trump’s daily diatribes. Read more in an article from Psychology Today about how to handle adult bullies.

Stay tuned for simple summaries with graphics that clearly articulate what Trump actions are doing to our country. Steve Bannon, although long gone brought the alt-right, white nationalism perspective into the mainstream. His influence is constantly on display through Trump’s actions. Bannon was reported to be the voice that encourages Trump to follow through on his cruelest and most hateful campaign promises made to Trump’s 40% base of loyal voters. Stephen Miller has proved to be even more cruel.

This 40+% voter base is apparently committed to Trump regardless of anything he says, doesn’t say, does or doesn’t do.

Conflicts of interest are everywhere and reflected in the Cabinet nominations, almost all nominees display animosity toward the Cabinet post they are are in charge of, in addition to standard financial and ethical conflicts of interest. A review of TAXES on Daily News and the Taxes page also provides a rich set of information about how the Trump tax plan will provide enormous financial gain to Trump and other wealthy individuals.

In summary, the damage done to our country has been enormous.

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