Trump’s Child Care Plan Doesn’t Help the Families That Won Him the Election

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President Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to improve the economic prospects of families in places where job growth has slowed and the economy is weak. These areas, many of which President Barack Obama won in 2012, saw large portions of the electorate shift heavily to Trump and handed him an unexpected Electoral College victory. In these struggling communities, millions of families can barely afford child care yet still depend on it in order to remain employed. They are counting on President Trump to follow through on his promise to provide “access to affordable, quality child care for their kids.”

However, President Trump’s child care plan would provide an estimated $5.55 for a typical family of four in the areas that swung the election in his favor.*

The core of the Trump child care plan is a tax deduction for child care expenses, an innately regressive approach that assumes all families can afford to pay the full cost of child care to begin with. As many experts have noted, this means that the Trump plan gives the most help to the people who need it the least. Meanwhile, the families who are hoping for child care assistance so that they can work would get next to nothing—all at the expense of a big new tax cut for the wealthy.

Read full article from Center for American Progress, a left leaning think tank

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