Republicans Are Living On Borrowed Time: America’s Demographic Trends

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Pew Research finds: “Midterm voter turnout reached a modern high in 2018, and Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X accounted for a narrow majority of those voters.” In raw numbers, that means: “The three younger generations — those ages 18 to 53 in 2018 — reported casting 62.2 million votes, compared with 60.1 million cast by Baby Boomers and older generations.”

However, before Democrats start celebrating on the presumption that they do better with young voters, they should remember: “It’s not the first time the younger generations outvoted their elders: The same pattern occurred in the 2016 presidential election.”

The number of older voters continues to grow, but at a slower rate than for younger generations. Republicans are sustained in part by greater turnout that compensates for mortality. In other words, “the number of votes cast by Boomer and older generations increased 3.6 million. Even this modest increase is noteworthy, since the number of eligible voters among these generations fell by 8.8 million between the elections, largely due to higher mortality among these generations.”

Fewer older voters but higher turnout means Republicans are living on borrowed time:

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