Venezuela’s New Assembly Ousts Attorney General

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BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Venezuela’s dissident attorney general sped away from her headquarters on a motorbike on Saturday as she was being ousted by the country’s new all-powerful assembly, which moved toward a swift consolidation of its power.

“We have asked that she not only be suspended, but removed from her position,” Diosdado Cabello, a powerful member of the assembly, said of the dismissed official, Luisa Ortega. “It was approved unanimously.”

Standing before the group, called the Constituent Assembly, Mr. Cabello proposed that it govern Venezuela for up to two years before presenting the country with a new Constitution that would allow for elections. Members responded with cheers, presumably assenting to the timeline.

For months, Ms. Ortega has been one of the most vocal critics of President Nicolás Maduro from within his own political party. In March, she condemned an attempt by the courts to dissolve the legislature, and she has since said that Mr. Maduro’s crackdown against protesters has gone too far, saying it could constitute crimes against humanity.

Last Sunday, Mr. Maduro held a contentious election to secure control over the country. In the vote, Venezuelans were asked to choose delegates from a list of allies in the governing party who would rewrite the Constitution and rule the nation while they did so. Voters were not given the option of rejecting the plan.

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