Trump Wins Chinese Trademark for Catering. His Daughter Racks Up Four Others.

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President Trump and his daughter Ivanka could sell jewelry and wedding dresses and provide catering services in China under new trademarks granted in recent days by Beijing.

The new trademarks expand the president’s business interests in the world’s second-largest economy after the United States’, which have already stirred complaints over a possible conflict of interest.

During his campaign, Mr. Trump regularly blamed China for the loss of American industrial jobs and pledged to take a tough trade stance with Beijing. That position has since softened, in particular after an April meeting with President Xi Jinping of China.

As a businessman, Mr. Trump has made money by licensing the use of his name on an array of products around the world, like vodka in Israel or soap in India.

He has added to that list since taking office. Over the last three weeks, China’s trademark office gave preliminary approval for one trademark to Mr. Trump for providing catering services and four to his daughter through her trademarking business, Ivanka Trump Marks. Ms. Trump’s trademarks include those for jewelry, wedding dresses, watches and a range of electronic devices.

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