Spared by Sandy in NY, Homeowners Agonize Over What Comes Next — Climate Change?

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Though they live just a half-mile from the Paerdegat Basin in Brooklyn, George and Laura Fishman were spared the kind of damage that upended their neighbors’ lives during Hurricane Sandy. (There were not, for instance, fish in their basement.)

But that posed a problem of its own.

How, the Fishmans asked themselves, can we prepare for the next one? Should we buy flood insurance? Should we elevate our boiler and water heater? Should we get out altogether?

These are not isolated concerns. Communities across the country are confronting the mounting evidence of climate change, even as the Trump administration has rolled back environmental laws and regulations and dismissed members of an important science panel.

The New York Times is presenting case studies, and an associated glossary, examining tangible measures in and around New York City to make buildings and infrastructure more resilient in the face of floods, surges, high winds and heavy rains.

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