Samantha Bee to Trump’s Staff: Have Courage

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Samantha Bee’s show “Full Frontal” airs just once a week, so she had a lot to catch up on Wednesday night, including President Trump’s Twitter posts accusing his predecessor of wiretapping him. She said Mr. Trump’s advisers seemed to have lost control over him as soon as the Teleprompter powered off after his address to Congress last week.

“If there’s no one on his staff brave enough to tell their boss that there’s only one ‘p’ in ‘tap,’ there certainly isn’t anyone brave enough to tell him that Obama isn’t running a coup. In fact, the president’s entire staff appears to treat him like a dangerously strong show chimp that you have to bribe with Diet Pepsi so he won’t tear your face off.” — BEE

Ms. Bee closed her show with a quick takedown of the Republicans’ newly introduced health care bill.

“After seven years of procrastination, the Republican House pounded some Red Bull and pulled an all-nighter to get their Trumpcare assignment in — and it showed.”

“On the list of terrible bills, this ranks between Cosby and O’Reilly.”

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