Once in the Shadows, Europe’s Neo-Fascists Are Re-emerging

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Once in the shadows, Europe’s neo-fascists are stepping back out, more than three-quarters of a century after Nazi boots stormed through Central Europe, and two decades since a neo-Nazi resurgence of skinheads and white supremacists unsettled the transition to democracy. In Slovakia, neo-fascists are winning regional offices and taking seats in the multiparty Parliament they hope to replace with strongman rule.

“Something very dark and very troubling from the past is coming back,” Mr. Havran said. “They feel they are fighting for something very pure, something very old and sacred. A few years ago, they were ashamed to talk about it. Now, they are proud.”

“I have to say, the U.S. election results made me extremely happy,” said Martin Bornik, 23.

In an interview after the ceremony, Mr. Svec rejected the notion that his group is neo-Nazi.

“When Americans bring their flags to parks or to public events, nobody says anything,” Mr. Svec said. “When we do it, they call us neo-Nazis. You know, labeling someone is the easiest thing to do.”

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