Mapping the Trump-Russia Network

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Recently, the Washington Post began mapping the connections between Trump and his affiliates and the Russians. This is a challenging task that, at this stage of limited public information, is nearly impossible to master. There is still more that we don’t know about these relationships than what we do know, and new information is coming out all the time. However, the Post’s efforts are worthy of recognition and encouragement because understanding the relationships between political actors helps us better understand their motivations and behaviors.

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Uncovering the Truth About Trump and Russia

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Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election was an unprecedented attack on American democracy and a deliberate attempt to place Donald Trump in the White House. Given Trump’s obedience to Vladimir Putin and the deep ties between his advisers and the Kremlin, Russia’s actions are a significant and ongoing cause for concern.

The Moscow Project is dedicated to investigating the extent, nature, and purpose of Trump’s ties to the Kremlin—but we need your help. By scouring the internet to investigate allegations, donating to fund our research, or sharing our findings on Twitter and Facebook, you can help uncover the truth about Trump and Russia.

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