Liberals launch ‘Not One Penny’ campaign in effort to stop Trump tax cuts

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A new progressive coalition, the Not One Penny campaign, is launching today to build opposition to any Republican tax reform plan that lowers rates on corporations or the very wealthy.

“Progressives have known for a while that tax cuts were the number two priority for Trump, after Obamacare repeal,” said Nicole Gill, executive director of TaxMarch, one of the groups spearheading the new campaign alongside MoveOn and the Working Families Party. “They have the money, and we have the millions — we have actual people who want to fight this.”

Starting today, the Not One Penny campaign includes a seven-figure ad buy in eight Republican-held congressional districts,* all with large numbers of white voters without college degrees, who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 but have not historically been passionate about tax cuts. It’s a fraction of what pro-tax reform groups like the American Action Network have pledged, but it mirrors what progressive groups and allies did during the effort to stop the Obamacare repeal in the Senate.

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