GM Announces First Layoffs in Six Years

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General Motors is laying off 1,100 workers in Michigan — the fourth layoff it’s announced since November.

Curator note: Below are a series of articles from CNN indicating that GM is making permanent layoffs at U.S. plants since November of 2016 and continuing through March of 2017. It is unclear why these permanent job reductions and layoffs are not highlighted in the New York Times and other mainstream media. This seems to be an important aspect of the stories circulating in March of 2017 indicating that Trump is undoing automaker regulations as a quid pro quo for creating new jobs in the U.S.


In November, GM said it was eliminating the third shift at the nearby Lansing Grand River plant, as well as at the Lordstown Ohio plant. Those layoffs, which were the first U.S. job cuts announced by GM since 2010, took place in late January.

Then in December it announced plans to eliminate the third shift at its only remaining facility within Detroit city limits — the Detroit Hamtramck plant.

The four rounds of layoffs will cut a total of 4,400 jobs. The company employed 105,000 as of the end of last year. However, GM still has more U.S. employees now than it did in 2015, when it employed 97,000 workers.

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