Firearms and Drivers, A Lethal Combination

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The analysis was published by The Trace, a nonprofit news organization focused on gun violence. It found that cases of road rage involving a firearm — where someone brandished a gun or fired one at a driver or passenger — more than doubled to 620 in 2016, from 247 in 2014.

The Trace compiled its data from the Gun Violence Archive, which inventories and catalogs episodes of gun violence in the United States based on news and police reports and other sources.

There were at least 1,319 road rage episodes involving firearms during the three-year period examined, with at least 354 people wounded and 136 killed, The Trace reported.

The National Rifle Association, the leading defender of gun rights, did not respond to two emails and a phone message left since Thursday seeking comment about the specific report. The N.R.A.’s Institute for Legislative Action has generally insisted that most Americans support gun ownership for defensive purposes and that legally concealed weapons deter crime. Indeed, the group claims that the nation’s murder rate has dropped because of firearm ownership.

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