Education Secretary Hires Advisers Confound/Conform to Critics’ Expectations

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“The idea that this administration is going to be anti-L.G.B.T., anti-women — I think we need to watch and see what happens,” Mr. Petrilli said. “This appointment should give folks on the left some comfort.”

Civil rights advocates, however, are skeptical. Ms. Jackson — who was appointed as a deputy in the civil rights office, but is leading it in an acting capacity — has never worked in civil rights enforcement and has criticized affirmative action and the women’s rights movement.

Ms. Jackson has not spoken publicly about her stances on social or educational issues, but her Twitter posts offer a glimpse of her views on certain issues.

In January, she shared an article about Mr. Trump being an ally of the gay community and commented that “Reasonable LGBT citizens (as opposed to the militant left-wing LGBT movement) have reason to cheer POTUS Trump; he’s shifting the GOP.” In another post, she wrote that “True choice combined with fiscal federalism is the way up for American schools and is on our horizon thanks to POTUS Trump.” And on Inauguration Day, she defended the Clintons, tweeting, “Truly disappointed that our wonderful MAGA crowd chose to boo the Clintons. Give them credit for respecting the Office & showing up,” including a reference to President Trump’s campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again.”

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