Circling Back To Voters

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Now, as President Trump approaches his 100th day in office, we wanted to circle back to some of the voters — most of them Trump supporters — we had spoken with around the start of his presidency about the issues that had driven their votes. Had Mr. Trump fulfilled his promises? Did his struggles and slack poll numbers disappoint them? Was he pleasing any of his detractors, or proving worse than they had feared?

Many of his biggest backers said they had no regrets. No matter how few legislative accomplishments Mr. Trump can list, no matter the problems facing “the Wall,” no matter if his Twitter posts make them wince, they praised his swagger, his executive orders and his Supreme Court appointment. “Hitting it out of the ballpark,” said Dianna Ploss, a former nurse in Massachusetts.

Others who opposed him then said they oppose him even more now. “When I get up in the morning, I think, ‘Well, what did Trump do now?’” said Diane Kirt, 64, of Reedsburg, Wis. But his critics have newfound energy and inspiration from protests that have propelled millions into the streets and nudged some to make first-time runs for public office.

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