A Big Jump In Percentage In Favor of Impeachment — and Other Trump Poll Horrors

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PRRI is out with a new poll that should worry President Trump and Republicans who still support him. Keep in mind that the poll results, as dreadful as they may be, were collected before the neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville and Trump’s widely condemned response. Trump is plainly not gaining support over time. To the contrary:

By a wide margin, President Donald Trump is substantially less popular than past Republican presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Only 38% of Americans report a favorable view of Trump, while a majority (56%) of the public express an unfavorable opinion of him. . . .  Trump is viewed far more negatively among nonwhite Americans than previous Republican presidents. Only 16% of black Americans view Trump favorably—fewer than half of the number who have favorable opinions of Bush (34%) and Reagan (49%).

Moreover, the number of those favoring impeachment has shot up. “Currently, four in ten (40%) Americans believe Trump deserves to be impeached, up 10 percentage points from 30% who expressed support for this action in February. A majority (53%) of Americans do not believe Trump should be impeached and removed from office, a view held by 65% of the public in February.” And this is before we have any report from the special prosecutor or congressional committees. In addition, “Approximately half (49%) of the public believes Trump has violated the Constitution, while nearly as many (43%) disagree.”

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