Glum Feelings About Future Cross Borders In the West

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Last week, the government reported that the unemployment rate in May fell to 4.3 percent, which was the lowest rate in 16 years and was down more than a full percentage point from two years ago. But Americans with a college degree or more education, along with those in high-income households, have received the vast majority of the resulting financial gains.

Pew’s data tracked that divergence, with 69 percent of Americans with a bachelor’s degree satisfied with the economy’s condition, compared with 55 percent of workers with just a high school diploma.

Given that only one-third of Americans are college graduates, it is likely this split will persist, or even worsen.

“These people are experiencing a different economy,” Mr. Stokes said. “Everything we know from the economic statistics shows there is an income premium if you have a college education. It’s another reminder that we live in a very divided society, not just politically but economically.”

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