Russia Can Stand Down. The GOP Is Interfering With Election Results All On Its Own.

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Russia, Iran and other foreign adversaries tempted to interfere in U.S. elections can take it easy Tuesday. They needn’t waste precious resources tampering with vote tallies or degrading the perceived legitimacy of our election results.

Because Republican officials have done this work all on their own.

Americans like to think of our country as a place with a shared set of democratic values. We’re a nation in which whoever receives the most votes, according to some predetermined set of rules, wins. But recent developments reveal the sharedness of these values to be a fantasy. In the months leading up to the presidential election, the Republican Party has been singularly focused on preventing eligible voters from reaching the polls and on blocking lawfully cast ballots from being counted.

One party, and one party alone, has abandoned the old-fashioned electoral strategy of appealing to a majority. Instead, it has fully, openly embraced voter suppression.

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