Republicans Would Least Like Their Kids To Marry a Transgender Person. For Democrats? A Republican.

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We are not giving away state secrets when we say that political partisanship is one of the most significant ruptures among Americans. A December 2017 poll by Pew Research Center asked Americans to describe the conflicts between various groups. Partisanship ranked far higher as a point of conflict than race, income, community or age.

It was nonetheless surprising to see the results of another poll, conducted by the research organization PRRI in cooperation with the Atlantic and published this week. The research was focused on evaluating diversity in the United States and covered a range of questions centered on differences that exist within American society.

Among the most surprising results? The pollsters asked both Democrats and Republicans how they would feel if their child brought home a spouse who differed by sexual orientation, identity, party, religion or race. The spouse that would make the most Republicans unhappy was if their child announced plans to marry someone who identified as transgender.

Among Democrats? If the child planned to marry a Republican.

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