More and More States Want the Popular Vote To Decide the 2020 Election. Nevada Is Next.

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The Nevada state Senate voted to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact on Tuesday, slating it to become the newest member of a growing group of states trying to sidestep the electoral college system.

Members of the compact — which already has 14 states and the District of Columbia — pledged their electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the most ballots from all 50 states. In effect, it hands the 2020 presidential election to whoever wins the nationwide popular vote.

But there’s one caveat: The compact will only take effect if states representing at least 270 electoral college votes pass the law. If passed, with six electoral votes, Nevada would bring the total to 195.

Those involved in the effort doubt that the electoral college delegate procedures can be changed in enough states before the 2020 presidential election, Reed Hundt, chairman and co-founder of Making Every Vote Count, told The Washington Post.

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