A Scenario for 2020: Electoral College vs. Popular Vote

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Not overly concerned about America’s political stability? Here’s a scenario, conceivable both politically and legally — under existing federal and state statutes and precedents — that might change your mind:

President Trump loses the popular vote in 2020 but wins everywhere he won in 2016, minus Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

A 269-to-269 electoral college tie looms! The new House of Representatives can break it in January 2021, with 50 state delegations entitled to one vote each and 26 needed to win. Alas, voters picked 25 GOP-majority delegations, 22 Democratic and three split.

Then each party frantically lobbies the 538 presidential electors, hoping one will switch sides before electoral votes are cast on Dec. 14, thus assuring a 270-vote victory without a struggle in the House.

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Common Ground
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We all want the same things – a safe, prosperous, free, democratic nation with opportunity for all. At the same time, we will all be harmed if our democracy, our free press, our Constitution and our core American values are threatened. We will all certainly be harmed if reckless behavior triggers any number of potential armed conflicts.

None of us know how this will all play out so let's make a deal. Let’s get up to speed on the issues, establish some facts, take action and watch what happens together . . .