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President Trump is cruelly working overtime to gut health care for millions of Americans — while simultaneously demanding that we spend billions on the wasteful, useless, hateful border wall that he vowed to make Mexico pay for.

If Democrats are looking for campaign arguments against Trump, that juxtaposition is one place to start. It highlights two big issues on which Trump stands in opposition to majority opinion.

More broadly, it encapsulates an argument that could expose deeper vulnerabilities — Trump’s embrace of the orthodox GOP drive to shred government programs for poor and working people; his hollow, impulsive, reckless threats; his divisiveness and megalomania.

The White House is set to propose a new budget that includes hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid. It also reportedly calls for at least $2 billion in new spending on Trump’s wall — above and beyond the billions Trump has already been trying to reprogram for it.

This new budget is being widely described as a blueprint for Trump’s argument for a second term. It’s actually a very good argument against a second term.

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