Lies About Crime Rates and Immigrant Crime

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President Trump says he’ll keep you safe. It’s a lie

What the president is doing is whipping up hysteria and rage to create excuses for police to clamp down on the civil rights of people of color. Likewise, while scholars know that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes, and while the ninth circuit made us all a bit safer by slapping down Trump’s travel ban, the president’s ranting that a “Big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people are far more vulnerable” already put a mark of shame, suspicion and surveillance on the backs of immigrants.

Perhaps the focus of our concern should not be the wider population, but the actions happening in the White House which are making most Americans – indeed, most humans – less safe.

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Common Ground
We don’t need to search any further for common ground in our country. We have it.
We all want the same things – a safe, prosperous, free, democratic nation with opportunity for all. At the same time, we will all be harmed if our democracy, our free press, our Constitution and our core American values are threatened. We will all certainly be harmed if reckless behavior triggers any number of potential armed conflicts.

None of us know how this will all play out so let's make a deal. Let’s get up to speed on the issues, establish some facts, take action and watch what happens together . . .